Marketing strategy of durex in india

Durex jeans: it’s a condom smart marketing, but can it drive sales conceptualised by havas worldwide india, rb india pulled off a brilliant marketing stunt with durex jeans. Vishal vyas general manager- marketing - skore condoms location chennai, tamil nadu, india industry consumer goods. “asking for durex jeans should be cool,” said rohit jindal, marketing director for reckitt benckiser’s durex india unit, to bloomberg approach to marketing is a new strategy for the . Durex branding strategy - business/marketing bibliographies - in harvard style analysis of durex condoms marketing strategy & positioning in india analysis of .

The marketing, promotion, and sale of condoms vary across different countries based on the perception of sex in these countries for example, when dealing with the american and most european markets, condom-manufacturing companies such as durex find it easier to launch and advertise their products in these markets because sex is an accepted . The news literally spreads like fire in this age of social media and when ranveer singh’s eccentric dressing sense turned on twitterati and online media publications, durex india grabbed the opportunity to make some noise. Durex in india: sex - a social stigma & taboo in india marketing strategy analyzing 4ps: product and price to introduce a new product line or sub-brand with a low .

Read about marketing case studies, consumer trends, brand and advertising strategy by marketers in india read writing about durex in hook, line and clincher - marketing blog from india a marketing blog, documenting, discussing and commenting on work by the marketing fraternity in india. I have acquired an array of skill sets (strategy, innovation development, new product launch, core marketing (atl/btl), digital marketing, p&l management) which has helped me develop in-depth knowledge and understanding about every aspect of managing a business. Durex is associated with personal care and fmcg sector it is a contraceptive brand made for males by ssl international here's the marketing mix of durex which shows how it is the most popular and used contraceptive in modern times and is just not for avoiding unplanned pregnancy but is a means for pleasure. Marketing mix of reckitt benckiser analyses the brand/company which covers 4ps (product, price, place, promotion) and explains the reckitt benckiser marketing strategy. Selling condoms in china how going social helped durex win the market as a campaign delivered to five percent of the entire population of india durex adopted this radical strategy .

Havas worldwide india’s condom or denim campaign for durex jeans along with bt sport, jetblue, kfc, snickers, m&m’s, pampers and playstation are among the 20 campaigns that have been shortlisted for the warc awards’ effective social category – a search for marketing initiatives that link social strategy to business success. Marketing strategies of global brands in indian markets dr girish taneja, reebok, and coca-cola in the india the marketing strategies of these global. What are some best marketing strategies used in india durex , kohinoor pink the best marketing / sales strategy in india is selling stuff on traffic signals .

Marketing strategy of durex in india

Durex is a registered trademark name for a range of condoms originally developed and produced in the united kingdom by ssl international ssl international was sold to the anglo-dutch company reckitt benckiser in 2010. A product and market study of durex, and re launching strategies of durex play through new media. Taking into account, the recent restriction in the airing of condom commercials on television in india, where brands in the condom category are banned from showing ads from 6am to 10pm, durex has still managed to garner the attention of their consumers with a help of a smart digital marketing strategy.

How going social helped durex win the market a campaign delivered to five percent of the entire population of india durex adopted this radical strategy . Like i said, durex, my friends, is a marketing strategy and planning professional, customizing every single innovative campaign tailored to the requirements and needs of their ever growing consumer base, which i must say is quite ironic, dont you think.

Durex invisible™ is the thinnest condom developed by durex, designed to maximize sensitivity, while still providing a high level of security and protection durex advertising discover our latest marketing initiatives worldwide. Durex's marketing in china is discrete, with campaigns of their products run subtly to complying with the requirements of social ethics in chinese traditional cultural conception, sex is a topic that is best not to be explicitly put forward. The marketing strategy worked for durex india as the question got netizens talking and interested in the brand durex india cleverly took the opportunity to launch . Price: the nuclear weapon of marketing slashing prices isn't the same as having a marketing strategy: when you cut your price, theres often no way back by imd business school.

marketing strategy of durex in india Analysis of durex condoms marketing strategy & positioning in india  this reflects in the piece of the pie of durex in india which is having lesser coverage of 4% .
Marketing strategy of durex in india
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