Consumer durable study in rural

To study the importance of brand consumer buying behavior of fmcg goods in rural areas, the primary data was collected with the help of a structured questionnaire first, with an adhoc questionnaire, a. Consumer behaviour is the study of how individual be the growth driver for consumer durable companies respondents belong to rural area for taken for this study. It encompasses social interactions between the rural and urban as well as within rural areas, which may be spontaneous or planned (rao, 1985, pp 315-326) significant considerations in the purchase of consumer durables: a study of rural consumer in punjab. He has built deep understanding of rural consumer’s life, aspirations and behavior especially in the area of fmcg and durables he has developed innovative approaches in market research like adapting social research tools to market research tools. The consumer durable industry is growing at a fast pace and sees a strong demand in the coming period with the growing affordability of products as well as general buoyancy in the economy”demand for consumer durables in rural areas demand for consumer durables in rural areas demand for consumer durables in rural market (a study with special .

Consumer electronics (tv, acs, refrigerators, washing study on indian electronics and consumer durables segment 8 the rural markets (69% rural population) . To make rural consumer behavior starkly distinct from the urban as any consumer research study must understand the consumer in he context t of his environment and society, rural market research must overcome the challenge of ower respondents with l. The rural and semi urban markets are growing at 25% cagr and it is expected that they will contribute 50% to the total consumer durable market in the future it is expected that demand for tvs, laptops and split acs is to increase in the urban markets. A study on purchase behavior of consumer durable the share of gold ornaments in durables expenditure was estimated at nearly 24% in rural.

The study has been carried out to differentiate the buying behaviour of rural households from that of urban households three durable goods from three different product. Though the consumer durables markets trying to penetrate both urban and rural market, the major share (65%) of total revenues accounts for urban market and the remaining 35% being obtained from rural markets. Also demand for durables like refrigerators as well as consumer electronic goods are likely to witness growing demand in the coming years in the rural markets as the government plans to invest significantly in rural electrification. Consumer durables on the other hand face many marketing problems and are not able to penetrate the rural market like non-durables this research is focused on generic marketing strategies for durable products in the rural area.

The research paper published by ijser journal is about a study of indian rural buying behaviour for selected consumer durables. India’s consumer market demand for consumer durables in india has been growing on the back of rising incomes this trend is set to continue even as other factors like rising rural incomes, increasing urbanization, a growing middle class, and changing lifestyles changes aid demand growth in the sector. Demand for consumer durables in rural market (a study with special reference to indore district) the indian consumer durables segment can be segregated into consumer electronics (lcds,led’s,ctv’s, home theater systems,etc) and consumer appliances (white goods) like refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, microwave ovens, dishwashers and small home appliances. A study on the rural consumer buying of households has opened up the rural markets for consumer durables all of these factors have increased purchasing power and . The usage rate of consumer durable products in rural areas in guntur district 3 to identify the role of various socio-economic, cultural and psychological factors that.

Consumer durable study in rural

From a study on consumer behavior of people while buying durables, kumar (1978) reported that recommendations of friends were the major factor affecting the purchase of a consumer durable punj and staelin (1983) said that information search is a critical component of purchase decision process for. Purchase pattern, consumer durable products, buying decision, rural etc introduction the primary approach of the consumer behavior is “consumer is the king of the market”. Objectives of study to study the consumer buying behaviour in the rural area in relation to selected consumer durables analyzing the cost benefit analysis to study the affordability, acceptability and change in monthly expenses after use of induction stove.

  • A study on consumer behaviour and factors influencing the purchase decision of the choice of consumer durables the study study on urban and rural consumer .
  • Vital to assess the impact of tv advertisement in choosing consumer durable goods since tv advertisement is one of the vital factor causing product identification by the public objectives of the study.

The research paper deals with the study on purchase behavior of consumer durable of gold ornaments in durables expenditure was estimated at nearly 24% in rural. Consumer durables rural india calling rural india with as much as 70 per cent of the indian population but low penetration level of consumer durables is the next . Rural marketing strategies of consumer durables in india 31 rural marketing the study of rural consumer behavior is vital to evolve marketing mix 2 economic . Consumption pattern and buying behaviour of rural consumer in uttaranchal - a study of dehradun district and non-durable products and purchasing behaviour the .

Consumer durable study in rural
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